United Hospital Fund launches Second Phase of Early Childhood Development Initiative to Address Social and Economic Factors Affecting Children's Health

Eight hospitals are partnering with community-based organizations across NYC, with funding from United Hospital Fund, Altman Foundation, and the New York Community Trust. 

"United Hospital Fund announced that it is launching the second phase of its Partnerships for Early Childhood Development (PECD) initiative, which partners New York-area pediatric primary care practices with community-based organizations to better address the social and economic factors affecting the health of very young children.

PECD was launched in March 2017 with funding from a collaborative consisting of United Hospital Fund, the Altman Foundation, and The New York Community Trust. The first phase of the initiative was designed to help pediatric primary care practices screen children ages 0-5 for social and environmental risks that interfere with healthy development, and connect them, through partnerships with community-based organizations, with services that can address those risks."

To read the full article, please click here. This piece is from United Hospital Fund.

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Ensuring Rural Kids are Part of the Health Equity Conversation

"People living in rural communities experience disparities in health outcomes that are avoidable, unfair and unjust. Rural children especially face socioeconomic, geographic and environmental barriers that influence their health conditions, outcomes and behaviors. Access to health care services plays a large role, but so too do intersecting shortcomings in physical infrastructure, broadband internet, transportation, housing, education and just economic systems. Rural children of color—particularly in the South, along the U.S./Mexico border and on Native land—battle discrimination, racism and marginalization that continues to contribute to the worst health disparities in our nation." This piece from PolicyLab offers insight into rural communities, providers and researchers that are partnering to care for children and families in rural areas.

Jennifer Whittaker Mup | July 05, 2018

This piece is from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Policy Lab Blog

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Hospitals address social determinants of health through community cooperation and partnerships

Hospitals address social determinants of health through community cooperation and partnerships

Health systems and community stakeholders around the country are choosing collaborations to address the social factors that have created great health disparities between low-income and more-affluent neighborhoods. See pilots and lessons learned in this piece from Modern Healthcare on how health systems are reinvesting back into the community.

Steven Ross Johnson | June 2, 2018

This piece appears in the Care Delivery section of Modern Healthcare

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