What We Do

Evidence indicates health care alone does not improve long-term health or eliminate health inequities.

Working together does.


We need to invest in more strategic, evidence-informed conversations that produce results.

Community investments are often siloed and diffuse, resulting in fragmented efforts and limited impact. We have an immense opportunity to make a difference by bringing stakeholders together. Everyone has a role.

Hospitals can partner with diverse stakeholders to address the social determinants of health in communities where inequities are concentrated.

Community development stakeholders can use a health framework to support areas such as affordable housing and access to nutrition.

State and local public health agencies can move beyond categorical services to participate in comprehensive approaches to community health improvement.

Foundations can better align their programs with existing systems to produce measurable and sustainable outcomes.

Employers can design business strategies that improve living conditions in communities where their employees live while retaining profit margins.

The Center to Advance Community Health & Equity


Facilitates strategic conversations with stakeholders across communities in order to identify areas of resource alignment and shared opportunities to generate health and well-being for all community members.

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Our Core Principles



Increasing attention and the focus of resources and strategies in geographic communities where health inequities are concentrated.


Taking historical and current factors into consideration that may influence the orientation, focus, and actions of organizations and stakeholders.



Fostering alignment with the full spectrum of stakeholders to improve health and well-being in local communities.


Creating a “safe space” to advance practices through shared learning, analysis, problem solving, capacity building, and policy development at the local and national level.


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Find what you need to get started on your journey to advance community health and equity.

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Get support from experts across the country.

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We Intend to Grow These Resources.

We are currently in a fundraising and partnership development stage to build upon and expand CACHE’s resources to help communities
expand theirs. We’d love to partner with those who share our vision. 

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