Community Benefit Insight Developers


Jamie Pina

RTI International

Dr. Jamie Pina is a research scientist with more than a decade's worth of experience developing, implementing, and evaluating information management solutions to support practice and research in public health and biomedicine. He has worked with international, federal, state, and municipal public health agencies, and has graduate training in biomedical and public health informatics. Dr. Pina also has an extensive background in information technology and qualitative research. His research interests include disease surveillance, evaluation methodologies, public health workflow, gaming technologies that promote health, and the development of information management infrastructure in resource-constrained environments.


Barbara L. Massoudi

RTI International

Barbara L. Massoudi, MPH, PhD, has more than 20 years of experience in health, public health, and informatics and has specialized skills in epidemiology and environmental and occupational health. Her current research interests include documenting and reengineering the business processes of public health, knowledge management, electronic health records, personal health records, health information exchange, updating the National Agenda for Public Health Informatics, and public health informatics training and competencies. She previously led the Impact Analysis of the Health Information Security and Privacy Collaborative for AHRQ, and the Assessment of Variation and Solutions report for the first phase of the project. Dr. Massoudi is adjunct assistant professor of informatics at the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University and chair of the Public Health Informatics Working Group of the American Medical Informatics Association.