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CACHE Team (Public Health Institute)


Kevin Barnett, DrPH, MPH

Executive Director, Center to Advance Community Health & Equity
Principal Investigator, Public Health Institute

Kevin Barnett has led research and fieldwork in hospital community benefit and health workforce diversity at PHI for over two decades, working with hospitals, government agencies, and community stakeholders across the country. Current work includes Alignment of Governance and Leadership in Healthcare (AGLH), a partnership with The Governance Institute and Stakeholder Health with funding from RWJF, to build population health knowledge among hospital board members and senior leadership, and a national study of hospital interventions to address food insecurity. Additionally, Barnett led a national study of community health assessments and implementation strategies for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a national initiative funded by the Kresge Foundation to align and focus investments by hospitals, other health sector stakeholders, and financial institutions in low income communities.


Sue Grinnell, MPH

Executive Director, Population Health Innovation Lab
Director, Business Strategy & Technology, Public Health Institute

PHI's Population Health Innovation Lab (PHIL) brings together community partners, PHI staff, and resources to address complex problems affecting health and quality of life. Sue Grinnell has deep expertise in population health that accelerates innovative investments, strategies, and interventions to build healthier populations and realize a broad social and financial return. Prior to her work at PHI, Grinnell held a series of leadership positions at the Washington State Department of Health, where she served as the special assistant for Health Transformation and Innovation, state Chronic Disease Director, Maternal and Child Health Director, and oversaw the Office of Healthy Communities. She also previously served as director for the Cowlitz County Health Department in Longview, Washington.

Katherine Johnson Photo

Katherine Johnson, MPP

Deputy Director, Center to Advance Community Health & Equity
Senior Program Advisor and Principal Investigator, Public Health Institute

Katherine is passionate about the growing focus on social determinants of health’s role in improved health outcomes and has been working to support CACHE’s mission to facilitate hospitals’ leadership role in aligned community investment strategies. Katherine comes to PHI from Kaiser Permanente where she worked with clinicians and administrators to develop innovative technology strategies for improved care delivery. In her work in innovation and telehealth, she learned the complexities of introducing technology into the healthcare environment that continues to inform her development approach in the public health space. Katherine also served as the Director of Program Development for the Public Health Foundation Enterprises where she developed the health information exchange initiative line of business acting as the Executive Director for several large county wide healthcare collaboratives in Southern California. Katherine holds a Masters in Public Policy from New York University and completed three years in a doctoral program in Political Science at City University of New York.


Eliza Love

Lead Technical Assistance Analyst

Eliza Love has broad experience leading public health projects both domestically and internationally. She has focused on program design and evaluation, mixed-methods data analysis, and quality improvement, most recently at the University of California's Breast Cancer Research Program and at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Love received her BS in Health Science from Northeastern University where she concentrated in global public health, working extensively in Uganda, Bolivia, and India on a variety of monitoring and evaluation programs.


Stephanie Sario, MSc

Program Manager

In addition to CACHE, Stephanie Sario manages the Alignment of Governance and Leadership in Healthcare (AGLH) program that aims to accelerate healthcare transformation by building knowledge of place-based, population health improvement among hospital/health system senior leaders and board members and explore strategies for alignment across sectors that leverage internal assets to improve health and well-being in local communities. Stephanie has broad experience working to improve access to healthcare particularly among underserved communities. Stephanie holds a Master’s in Global Health from the University of California, San Francisco and has led global health projects in the Philippines.

Community Benefit Insight Team (RTI International)

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Jamie Pina, MSPH, PhD

Dr. Jamie Pina is a research scientist with more than a decade's worth of experience developing, implementing, and evaluating information management solutions to support practice and research in public health and biomedicine. He has worked with international, federal, state, and municipal public health agencies, and has graduate training in biomedical and public health informatics. Dr. Pina also has an extensive background in information technology and qualitative research. His research interests include disease surveillance, evaluation methodologies, public health workflow, gaming technologies that promote health, and the development of information management infrastructure in resource-constrained environments.

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Barbara L. Massoudi, MPH, PhD

Barbara L. Massoudi has more than 20 years of experience in health, public health, and informatics and has specialized skills in epidemiology and environmental and occupational health. Her current research interests include documenting and reengineering the business processes of public health, knowledge management, electronic health records, personal health records, health information exchange, updating the National Agenda for Public Health Informatics, and public health informatics training and competencies. She previously led the Impact Analysis of the Health Information Security and Privacy Collaborative for AHRQ, and the Assessment of Variation and Solutions report for the first phase of the project. Dr. Massoudi is adjunct assistant professor of informatics at the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University and chair of the Public Health Informatics Working Group of the American Medical Informatics Association.