Technical Assistance

CACHE offers technical assistance to help you align resources in collaboration with other community stakeholders.


Explore Community Benefit Data

Community Benefit Insight (CBI) is a searchable platform for hospital 990 Schedule H data that supports quick calculations and comparisons of community benefit expenditures and related policies across institutions over time. (To learn more about Community Benefit go here.)

CBI provides a useful starting point to examine how hospital charitable resources are allocated. With complementary tools, the CACHE team can assist users in determining how community stakeholders are engaged, how priorities are set, where resources are allocated, and how hospital resources are leveraged through strategic alignment with others in health and related sectors.


Engage our expertise to support your community’s needs and opportunities.


Our network of TA providers can help you:

ASSESS the priorities for your organization and community and identify the types of analyses that can best serve you.

ANALYZE information from the Community Benefit Insight, local assessments, and complementary resources that illuminate geographic need and focus.

RESEARCH the capacity, resources, and opportunities of other local stakeholders working towards similar goals.

DESIGN and tailor strategies that enhance collaboration in areas where health inequities are concentrated.

ENGAGE local stakeholders in productive conversations to build alignment and carry out data-driven strategies.

We tailor technical assistance for:

  • Hospitals
  • Local and State Public Health Agencies
  • Community Based Organizations
  • Community Development Leaders
  • Researchers
  • State and Local Elected Officials
  • State Policymakers
  • Local and National Philanthropies
  • And more - please ask!

We tailor each of our engagements to be responsive to the unique context and needs of the stakeholders we serve.



Working together, our expertise and approach can equip you to be a strategic, constructive, and inspired community partner.


We are working with local philanthropies to help ensure that community-based organizations can access the technical assistance they need.